Shepherd "Alabai" dog

ALABAY, herding dog, the first image that the territory of Turkmenistan belongs to the Bronze Age. This terracotta figurine of Altyn-Depe (II millennium BC.) With cropped ears and tail. Ancestor Alabai is a Tibetan mastiff, and Alabai - the most direct and shortest of his branch was not influenced by other breeds. Image of a giant dog has to Ryton from Nisa. These dogs were issued against the Lions and had a stranglehold. They are also used in the ancient funeral rites at Massagetae. Ancestors Alabai exported to Southwest Asia. They were popular in ancient Assyria, Urartu, and then - Egypt. The Near-Eastern reliefs give their image. Later, they find themselves in ancient Greece under the name epir- ing and Molosser dogs and spread throughout the Mediterranean. In ancient Rome, these dogs were used in the bloody circus performances. From them went all breeds mastiff similar: Pyrenean Shepherd, mastiffs, St. Bernards, Great Danes, Howarth, Rottweilers, Newfoundlands, boxers, bulldogs, Leonberg, Caucasian Shepherd, Anatolian Karabash. Many of these so-Leko left from the original type of herding dogs of Central Asia.

The massive, broad skull head with developed cheekbones, flat forehead with a seamless transition to the general in the interorbital part, hardly tapered, slightly shorter than the length of the forehead, blunt snout - the main signs that would reveal the preservation of the breed alaba- s for millennia. Turkmens were well aware of all the representatives Alabais who distinguished themselves during the dog fights, which were held several times a year.

Born pups have already taken on the seventh day of his mother. We culled immediately destroyed. The remaining necessarily cut off the tails and ears, thereby removing the most vulnerable parts of subjecting yuschiesya-wounded in combat. Month old puppy started to learn different commands simultaneously nataskivaya wolf, pitting with cubs. These dogs are not afraid of large predators odors and absorb their habits in battles. Alabai - a noble dog. If in a battle with the wolf she fights to the last breath, the battles with their own kind will never transgress the forbidden line. Participating in dog fights, alabai show great technique to combat. Preparation of such a dog is similar to the preparation of high-class fighter. Before fighting alabai were in a special mode: rational feeding, massage, jogging, swimming. They have a strong nervous system, what happened by a special selection: Turkmen-shepherds cull unbalanced dogs.

Within the breed there are different types, called medzhekchi (Wolfhound) goyunchy (Shepherd), sakchy (watchman), and in build shared on Kopek area (the most massive, have muscular strength and a strong blow-feeding), kepeksi (less massive, but having fast movements) and Metis Alabai with greyhound (pots).

Males Alabais Turkmens have always been more than females. For breeding the offspring leave the most distinguished female. also carried out fights among females. But they are fighting only once in his life at the age of six months. Turkmen Alabai is widely used in farms of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, since they are involved not only in herding flocks of sheep, that is a shepherd, but actively oppose predatory beasts.

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