Since the opening day of Archman Sanatorium in 1951 the patients have been provided with all conditions ensuring high quality sanatorium services.

  In 2000-2001 two existing five-storey buildings designed for 500 patients were fully repaired and renovated.

  In 2011 a newly built four-storey Sanatorium designed for 420 people was opened with the participation of the Esteemed President. At present the Sanatorium widely opened its doors welcoming the holiday-makers. There are the following departments functioning in the new building namely diagnostics department, therapy department and hydropathic department.

  The diagnostics department is provided with the latest equipments such as radiographic and endoscopic equipment, as well as ultrasonic scanning and electrocardiographic equipment. There is clinicobiochemical laboratory in the Sanatorium.

  People arrived at the resort can have consultations with the following specialists: dentist, ophthalmologist, otorhinolaryngologist, gastroenterologist and gynaecologist. There are also inhalation room, electrophoresis room, gastric and bowels lavage room, bile passages lavage room.

  The therapy department provides physical therapy room, earth wax and paraffin room, gynaecological room, enteric lavage room, therapeutic physical training room.

  Hydropathic department can offer the patents the following types of douches: Charcot’s douche, rising douche, alternating douche, circular douche, hydromassage.

  There is a canteen designed for 260 people in the Sanatorium.

  The resort has become well-known due to the treatment of such diseases as digestive tract disorders, liver troubles, bile-excreting passages disorders, skin diseases, musculoskeletal system diseases, peripheral nervous system diseases gynaecological disorders.

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