Improvement of sanatorium service is one of the most important tasks which the health protection system is facing with as it matters much for the health strengthening of the people of our country. One of such sanatoriums is Bairamaly Sanatorium which due to its natural features possesses high curative values and is very popular among people of our country and well-known beyond its borders.

Bairamaly Sanatorium which was put into operation under the guidance of the Esteemed President consists of two new five-storey buildings each of which can accommodate 250 patients and four fully renovated old buildings provided with the equipment meeting the latest achievements of modern science and intended for providing qualified services for the people of our country and creation of favourable conditions for recreation and treatment of the people.

Taking into consideration climatic conditions, i.e. hot summer, soft winter and dry weather Bairamaly Sanatorium has all favourable conditions for the treatment of kidney troubles.

The Sanatorium provides year-round medical services to the patients having kidney, cardiovascular and digestive disorders.

The Sanatorium includes some newly constructed buildings, two renovated three-storey buildings each of which can accommodate 90 patients, the other two two-storey buildings can accommodate 60 patients each. The total number of patients that can be accommodated by the Sanatorium is 800 people. The Sanatorium which has changed a great deal has provided all favourable conditions for the recreation and treatment of patients. The Sanatorium provides services of the Cultural Center designed for 200 people, canteen designed for 800 people consisting of four rooms each of which is designed for 200 people. There is also three-storey building of the Recreation Center.

The first floor of the Recreation Center there are doctors’ offices, assembly hall, and rooms equipped with the devices intended for heating of earth wax and paraffin.

The second floor of the Recreation Center includes rooms provided with the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment such as ultrasonic scanning and electrocardiographic equipment and gastroscope. There is also physical therapy room, electrophoresis room including laboratory there. Considering the above stated all favourable conditions ensuring recreation and country population,s health strengthening have been created in Bairamaly Sanatorium.

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