Berzengi Sanatorium is located at the foot of Kopetdag mountains, 7,5 kilometres to the south of Ashgabat. In 1967 as a result of geological exploration work mineral water samples were extracted from Berzengi vertical well. The water extracted has a peculiar hydrochemical composition and medicinal properties. This was the moment that started the history of Berzengi Sanatorium.

Medical treatments carried out in the sanatorium using mineral baths improve stamina and immune system and have a beneficial influence on human cardiovascular system.

Berzengi Sanatorium owes its birth to the unique source of mineral water, which contains in its composition the main elements magnesium and potassium sulphates, and hydrogen sulphide. The level of mineralization of the water is extremely high and the water has a constant temperature of 36oC. Mineral water contains microelements – iodine, bromine, zinc, manganese.

Seven litres of water per second are extracted from Berzengi vertical well, the daily volume of water extracted equals 420m3, in addition, in accordance with the hydrochemisty standard, the mineral water acts as a therapeutic and dietary water.

Scientific research has shown that the mineral water of Sanatorium Berzengi has an identical composition to the water from Krainka Source in Tula Region of the Russian Federation, to the mineral water of Dorokhovo Sanatorium in Moscow Region and the sanatorium named after Gertsen in Gorkovo Region of the Russian Federation.

The use of mineral water for medicinal purposes is based on its hydrotherapeutic qualities. The mineral water of Berzengi sanatorium is used for rehabilitation of patients with non-infectious diseases.

The medicinal and dietary water of Berzengi Sanatorium is used for treatment of chronic gastritis, reduction of the secretory function of the stomach and duodenum, chronic colitis and enterocolitis, chronic hepatic disorders and disorders of bile passages, chronic metabolism disorders, chronic urinary tract disorders, digestive and nervous system disorders, musculo-skeletal system disorders, skin diseases, allergies, and non-healing wounds.

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