The plateaus of dinosaurs is one of the important sights of Koytendag where remained the footsteps of huge fossil pangolins. The plateau of dinosaurs settles down on a northwest slope of a mountain ridge, near the Hojapil settlement. The impressive sizes of the accurate footsteps of the three-fingered legs of the ancient animals settle down in some numbers. They belonged to several individuals of the various age. As results of the spent researches scientists have come to conclusion that the footsteps are left by the herbivorous animal and some predatory dinosaurs living here approximately 140-150 million years ago. According to the footsteps the sizes of the foot of a prehistoric pangolin made 70x65 cm, the width of a step reached 1,5-2,2 meters.

The huge animals went leaning against hind legs. The forepaws were essentially more shortly and weren’t used while walking that allowed the scientists to make the conclusion that growth of fossil dinosaurs reached 6-8 meters at length of a body of 5-10 meters and weight of a body of 5-10 tons. Among the variety of the hardened footsteps the attention of the researchers was paid to the footsteps of the small sizes which length does not exceed 45 cm.

The numerous footsteps of dinosaurs remained on a plateau surface were the source for the origin of numerous legends. One of them says: these footsteps have been left by a mythical racer of sacred prophet Ali. The hoofs of a racer have been put in the special form of three-fingered configuration. According to another legend these footsteps belong to Alexander the Great’s fighting elephants. The rumour says: during the victorious campaign to India the lord of the world crossed a high-mountainous plateau on the surface of which the footsteps of impressive sizes of terrible fighting elephants were printed. The stay of Alexander the Great in these land confirms one more interesting fact, the extensive lowland in the desert Kyzyl Kum territory, stretched from the foothills of Koytendag ridge, carries the name “Iskenderin berki” (“Alexander’s Fortress”). Nowadays with all-round assistance and active support of Esteemed President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov the purposeful measures are carried out on inclusion of the given unique nature monument into the world heritage list of UNESCO.

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