Garrygala - this is truly a gem of Turkmenistan - a garden of flowers, fruit, fantastic nature of the subtropics. Sumbar valley is famous for not only the climate of grace and "lunar" landscape of the surrounding mountains, but also the hospitality of its inhabitants.

The modern village has an ancient history. There are a lot of monuments of history, culture and nature. Sumbar valley called natural monument - an oak-old resident of 1888, his height - 20 meters, trunk diameter - 4,5 meters.

In Gara Gala etrap situated Syunt-Hasardag biosphere Reserve, Parkhai place with hydrogen sulfide hot spring water has healing properties. For therapeutic baths are equipped with the cab, opened swimming pool.

At 24 km from the district centers stretched Gerkez village - the birthplace of the great classic of the Turkmen literature, Makhtumkuli. There is a museum of Makhtumkuli.

A unique natural monument is Aidere Gorge, located 50 km from the district centers of Gara Gala etrap , its length is 30 km, the occupied area - 20 hectares. Here there are 800 species of plants and trees.

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