This cave is situated 100 kilometers far from Ashgabat. There is a lake, which breathe warm stream, in the depth of 60 meters from entrance into the cave. Long steps with 350 stairs lead to it.

Medicinal water of the lake contains sulphur, iodine, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulphate, aluminium, bromine, iron, stibium – in total 38 elements. Swimming in the water has favorable influence on organism, improves blood circulation, and helps to cure such diseases as rheumatism, cold, renal and skin diseases, soothe the nervous system. Temperature of water in the lake is from 33 up to 38 degrees all the year round. Length of the lake is 80 meters, width – 30 meters, depth – up to 16 meters. It is one of the largest underground lakes in the world. Sunrays never touched warm velvet of its waters.

Bidding defiance to the time, the underground lake creates in tourists the feeling of displacement to another world owing to bewitching sounds of water and mysterious twilight in the cave.

The first scientific information about existence of the cave and the underground lake appeared in 1856. In 1896, in local press, it was published an interesting note, which first familiarized many residents of Ashgabat with this cave. In particular, it informs that owing to the concern of employees of the Baharly railway station wooden stairs for comfort of walking down into the cave were built. Thereafter, the cave and the lake became favorite place for visit of residents of Turkmenistan and guests.

As a wonderful monument of the nature, the Baharly underground lake is under state protection.

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