Mollagara Health Resort admits patients with disruptions to the musculo-skeletal function, nervous system disorders, arthropathy, polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, infectious rheumatoid arthritis, radiculitis, neuritis, spinal damage, as well as gynaecological patients, infertility, urinary tract diseases.

Hydrotherapy, underwater treatment, herbal medicine including the use of pine-scented baths, and medicinal herb baths, are widely used in the resort in addition to mud therapy, physiotherapy and salt-water baths. During one season a patient receive 9-10 mud treatments and 9-10 salt-water baths. The efficiency of treatments is enhanced when combined with the use of pharmaceutical treatments.

The Resort complex houses a consulting department and a laboratory. Equipped with the latest medical technology from such companies as BLT, Fazzini, Mediprogres the resort allows to carry out diagnostic examinations and treatments for patients. The Resort has favourable conditions for sanatorium therapy by qualified staff.

The Resort houses a specialist unit for treating spinal disorders. The unit is equipped with a swimming pool, mud and salt treatment rooms, underwater treatment rooms, remedial exercise rooms, X-ray room, ultrasound scanner, electrocardiography room, including a clinical biochemical laboratory. In addition to this the Resort makes wide use of herbal medicine including pine baths, as well as medicinal herb baths.

At present the Resort, which has been renewed by newly built and refurbished buildings, new state-of-the-art equipment meeting the up-to-date requirements, is providing qualified services to the citizens of our country by creating favourable conditions for leisure and therapy.

The Resort can house up to 815 people, including 170 families and includes diagnostic, therapeutic and children’s department, in addition there are local mud treatment department, dry under-water treatments department, halotherapy department, compression therapy department, cryo-therapy department, and ozone therapy department. Banks of the lake house a solarium for rehabilitation in the open air, psammotherapy – therapeutic use of hot Karakum sand and litotherapy – therapeutic use of hot rocks treatments are also being developed and 300 places have been reserved for the patients.

The residential buildings have a high level of comfort. In addition, favourable conditions have been created for the patients, including a library, internet café, restaurant, a chain of stores, and an amphitheatre, beauty salon and other cultural and social facilities, meeting the most up-to-date standards.

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