Turkmen National Treasure

At present, Turkmenistan created opportunities for scientific study, preservation and promotion of our ancestors passed down from spiritual and cultural values, national heritage and a rich historical past. A clear evidence of this is the declaration of 2016 in Turkmenistan "Year of honoring the heritage, the transformation of the Motherland."

Turkmenistan is the center of the ancient architectural structures such as Kunyaurgench, Merv, Nisa, Mashhad-Messarian, Abiverd, Amul, Gonurdepe, Parzdepe, Silk Road, as well as our Akhal-Teke horses, magnificent carpets, traditional Turkmen wedding that attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world.

In addition, in the territory of Turkmenistan were built beautiful cities, built a complex of magnificent palaces, mosques, caravanserais, libraries, observatories.

Turkmenistan is considered the cradle of early civilization, which had a significant impact of the evolution of world civilization. History of Turkmenistan originates from ancient times, and extends along the route of the Silk Road, which was of great importance to maintaining and strengthening the economic and trade relations and cultural relations with many countries of the world.

Increased interest of historians, experts in the study of heritage tourists to the rich historical, cultural and archaeological heritage of Turkmenistan. During the year, in Turkmenistan held a variety of international scientific-practical conference devoted to the study and promotion of the cultural heritage of the Turkmen people and national values.

In this regard, there are all necessary conditions for the organization and holding of international conferences to facilitate the further development of the tourism industry of the country.

Conference participants arriving tourists, scientists, visiting various historical, cultural and archaeological sites of Turkmenistan clearly have the ability to see, to read and to get in touch with a unique spiritual heritage, remarkable masterpieces of architecture, national values of the Turkmen people, are descendants of the Great Seljuk, Parthian state and passing through the route of the Great Silk Road.

We express our boundless gratitude for the words of our dear President created opportunities to study and promote the rich history and developed culture of the Turkmen people!

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