Why Travel to Turkmenistan?

Turkmenistan – is a large epoch in the history of ancient routes of Great Silk Road. Caravans and diplomatic missions, travelers and pilgrims have constructed for the friendship and mutual understanding between nations through these routes.

Turkmenistan – is a place of real discoveries for international tourists – large desert of Karakum, mountain heights of Kopetdag, fantastic valleys of Koytendag, subtropical steppes of Sumbar, interesting underground lake of Kovata, unique historical architectural monuments of Ancient Merv, Kunyaurgench and Nissa are listed in the UNESCO World Herritage.

Large-scaled project of National Touristic Zone of Avaza is being realized on the Caspian coast of Turkmenistan. At the moment the zone corresponding to the international resort touristic standards, serves the guests with its first class hotels, cottage complexes, yacht clubs, healthcare, sport and shopping centers.

Turkmenistan is rich with the matchless natural sightseeings. Many natural complexes, existing in the nature conservations of Turkmenistan, have no analogues in Eurasia. Therefore, they are counted in the list of unique nature conservations of the world.

Turkmenistan is also rich with the mineral water and mud sources that are widely used as cure and for maintaining the healthcare. Mollakara resort center is visited by wide range of patients. It is located by the salty lake, which has curing specification. There is no other of such lake. Even Dead Sea in Israel barely can compete with this one.

Bayramaly Resort which is specialized in treatment of kidneys also attracts a number of foreign tourists. There are only two of such resort that is exists in the world.

And how marvelous will the capital of Turkmenistan – Ashgabat – look in the eyes of the guests! Palaces and parks, monuments and beautiful buildings, stadiums and museums, hotels and amusement centers have turned the city into one of the most comfortable and most beautiful cities of the world. Ashgabat is the center for business, culture, sports and of course, tourism.

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