Having located 110 kilometers of Ashgabat Yily Suv Sanatorium has been helping people to rehabilitate and strengthen their health for many years.

As the result of tireless efforts of the Esteemed President, Yily Suv Sanatorium admitting 80 patients, which can service 40 people simultaneously has opened its doors. There are 5 water wells functioning in the Sanatorium. Three of them are used as hydrogen sulfide mineral baths used for the treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases, peripheral nervous system diseases, thyroid gland disorders, noninfectious skin diseases and gynaecological disorders.

One of the two other wells are bromine mineral well and the second one is iodine mineral well. They are used for the treatment of gastrointestinal tract, inflammation of the liver and bile passages, abdominal salivary gland, and for the treatment of gastritis and renal lithiasis, sterility, spinal column diseases, persistent non-healing burning wounds.

The new building of the Yily Suv Sanatorium has accommodated department for diagnostics, therapy department and hydropathic department.

The diagnostics department has been provided with state-of-the-art equipment, namely radiographic and endoscopic equipment, ultrasonic scanning and electrocardiographic equipment. The patients can have consultations with the general practitioner, gynaecologist and otorhinolaryngologist in the department. There is clinicobiochemical laboratory in the Sanatorium.

For the people arrived to the Sanatorium to have a rest and rehabilitate their health the hydropathic department is offering treatment with hydrosulfuric and iodide-bromine water and baths having soothing effect due to the use of medicinal plants growing in the Turkmen land. There are also pools for men and women, circular douche, hydromassage room. There is also a room used for gastric and bowels lavage and gynaecological lavage room as well.

Sanatorium admitting 200 people which has altered a great deal with the construction of the new buildings and renovation of the old ones, the Sanatorium provided with the state-of-the-art equipment has become an embodiment of the constant care of the people’s health taken by the Esteemed President.

At present as the result of the constant care of the Esteemed President Yily Suv Sanatorium has improved its level of service with the intent to make our country people’s health stronger.

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